Accurate Identification without compromises

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MemoryID™ Biometrics Technology is a sophisticated identification system that employs combination of biometrics methods such as face, fingerprint, iris and Retina, providing the highest level of security without the need for identifiers such as an ID or PIN.

Our biometrics technology extract and uses more detailed information for accuracy.

And, our identification is based on accurate match and is not threshold-based, entirely eliminating false-positives and ensuring the lowest number of/zero false-negatives.

Biometrics Security

MemoryID™ Biometrics Technology is an optimal solution for securing sensitive areas. Its ability to integrate with various communication and identification standards makes installation quick and easy.

And, with its fast-paced registration process and ready acceptance of biometrics raw data from various sources, MemoryID™ Biometrics Technology meets customer demands for high security while retaining flexibility without security compromises.

MemoryID™ Biometrics Technology applicability ranges from building access and laptop security to identity cards and passports.

Strong access security, like ours, takes a layered approach using something you:

  • Know, such as your password or answers to challenge questions
  • Have, such as keycards, badges, or smartcards
  • Are, such as facial recognition, fingerprint, iris, or retina

While the first two work for many business uses, they do not offer the level of protection that may be achieved with biometric data and technology

. Our Biometrics technology uses computerized methods to identify a person by their unique combination of physical or behavioral characteristics from features:

  • Facial image
  • Fingerprints
  • Hand geometry
  • Iris
  • Retina
  • Vein
  • Voice

Absolute Security for Governments and Corporations

Brahmarsk™ MemoryID Technology boasts an impressive list of clients from both the government and corporate sectors.

Today, MemoryID™ Biometrics Technology is successfully installed in several government agencies and organizations.

APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) recognized and accepted the implementation of MemoryID™ Biometrics as a standard for its 21 member countries.