About Brahmarsk

Brahmarsk™ is a pioneer in End-to-End Information Technology solutions provider and our solutions are based on Innovations - 22 globally granted patents and 5 patents pending.

About us

Brahmarsk Corporation was formed by three scientists from humble beginnings who shared a passion to innovate solutions for the world.

With more than 70 years of collective technical experience, along with the understanding the need of Security solutions and User intricacies, we provide solutions with cutting edge technologies packed in a User friendly and user intuitive way.

Our solutions leverage niche technologies including 4096-bit dynamic, multi-layered encryption–the highest available today.

We are an innovator, manufacturer, and system integrator all rolled into one. Our team of over 140 experienced professionals provides a full spectrum of services along with our solutions that include strategizing, planning, operating, and maintenance.

Our operations are located in a dedicated and highly secured facility in USA producing IT solutions for our corporate and Government customers.