Highly Secured Documents Manufacturing

As more and more people travel the globe, validating identity instantly with accuracy is the key. Manual and visual checks are fraught with potential errors and fraud, allowing unauthorized individuals, to cross borders.

Brahmarsk™ Secured Document solution consists of Brahmarsk™ Smart Chip Card, Brahmarsk™ e-Visa Sticker with Chip and Brahmarsk™ Electronic passports.

Security Documents

All components of Brahmarsk™ Secured Document solution, uses highly secured Smart Card infrastructure with the following features:

  • High Security features and tamper-proof
  • Cards can be reused
  • Storage information – Fingerprint, Text, Image and Retina
  • Cards have a long life span
  • Cards can be traceable using a unique ID

Secured and Certified Manufacturing Facility:

Brahmarsk™ Smart Chip components in addition to all of our Brahmarsk™ Security solutions are produced in our dedicated, secure and ISO-certified facility in USA.

Components of Secured Documents solution:

PassportBrahmarsk™ provides advanced solutions for the security of important and sensitive documents.

Our solution reduces fraud by verifying the integrity of the personal and biometric data contained on the embedded chip, in a secured way.

Key Security Features of the Smart Chip are:

  • PKI-based access control for individual areas
  • Multiple segments of data storage with individual access control
  • Intrusion detection and auto lock mechanism
  • 4096-bit encryption, including encrypted storage with unique keys and methods for every card
  • Configurable frequencies with dynamic encryption
  • Built-in frequency integrity checker to prevent snooping
  • Access Restricted and Control of the Readers
  • Secure printing controls during card creation
  • Uses open standard communications coding